The 4 Hour Book DVD – Just Released!

For those of us who prefer to watch a DVD than to read a book, the 4 Hour Book – DVD Edition has just been released.

The 4 Hour Book - DVD

The 4 Hour Book DVD

Each of the 5 steps of The 4 Hour Book are clearly explained with on-screen demonstrations to make it easier to assimilate for the more visually oriented individuals like me.

If you prefer video over books, then this is the quickest path to learn how to:

1. Come up with a book topic

2. Organize your book into an outline using a FREE outline template

The 4 Hour Book DVD

The 4 Hour Book DVD

3. Speed write your book using a FREE Book template.

4. Proof and finalize your manuscript

5. Publish as an e-book ready for Amazon publishing.

Total cost to write and publish a book is under $8!  Barcode, cover, printing, shipping… all included.

Isn’t it time you started making money with what’s inside your head?

Order your DVD today!  (Shipping is via Priority Mail)

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06 2011

Well… I Did It Now…

Hi Friends! I’ve got a new book!

The 4 Hour Book

This morning, I approved the proof copy of the paperback version of my new book, The 4 Hour Book.  Inside this book, I reveal my secret 4-Hour, 5-step process of how to take a book idea in your head in the morning to a ready-to-publish book in the afternoon. Lots more too!

For my blog buddies, I’ve got a 25% off discount code.

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04 2011

Is it too BRIGHT???

I just created a cover for my newest book, The 4 Hour Book.

Is it too bright?
Cover art for The 4 Hour Book

Going with uncomfortably bright colors is better than the peaceful blues, greens, browns, blacks, etc. IMHO

People need to notice it on the bookshelf!  So, I’ll give it a shot.

What do you think?

So, the final edit is done and sent to the publisher.  I’ll get the proofs on Tuesday and if all is okay, it’ll be released for publication.

Wish me luck!  I’ve also tied it to my website to help authors learn how to publish on paperback, Kindle, Nook, ebook etc. and also learn internet marketing techniques to help sell their book.  There’s even an author’s forum to connect with others doing the same thing. (Oh yeah, members also get a free copy of the book… even before it’s published.)

That’s it for now.  Gotta work on the sales page for the website.

Keep smiling, Ron



04 2011 Premium Membership Site Tutorial Page

Hi Friends!

Well, I am finally up and running with my new membership site.

If you’re ready to become a published author for only HOURS of your time then you’re in for a treat!

Everyone kept asking me how I created my first book so quickly (and inexpesively) that I decided to write a book and put together a website so you can access a complete series of videos to show just that!

The first videos on the site include my own 10-video “Publish Your Own Paperback” series and an EXCELLENT “How to make money on the Internet” which details setting up a complete sales funnel.  These are such great resources that I’m offering them free to all Premium members of the site.

Anyway, just wanted you to know about it.  I’ve been BUSY!

Keep smiling,



04 2011

Want to Write and Publish a Book?

I, Ron Wilder,  just realized that NOT EVERYONE knows how to write and publish a book like I did!  Duh!

So, I’ve decided to write a book that shows people how to do exactly that.  Have you ever wanted to write your own book and get it published?

It’s actually a LOT easier than you think to write and publish a book.

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02 2011

Feel Young Again

This is a funny commercial I just saw.  Great Marketing…

[youtube] 435 355[/youtube]

Keep Smiling,



02 2011

Classical Music Is For Everyone?

I just watched this really nice video about classical music from TED. Please watch this and let me know who YOU are thinking about. It’s worth taking a little time out today…
Classical Music is for Everyone!
Keep smiling,


01 2011

New Years Day, 2011 — Time To Start Setting Goals

It’s New Years Day, 2011…
(Interesting… the Shortcut date would be 1-1-11)

Liz and I have been doing some goal setting for this new year.  Best thing to do is to write it down or… if you MUST use a computer, make sure to print it out so you can tape it to your monitor, frig, car steering wheel, front door, TV screen, etc… you get the idea.

One more thing… Make sure you outline some of your plans that you’ll use the achieve those goals.

Without plans and the action of even doing a tiny first step, things just don’t seem to change the way YOU want them to.

That’s it for you.  Hope you enjoyed the video.

Keep smiling and Happy New Year,



01 2011

Internet Sales Funnels: A Survey

Photo of Ron Wilder at Work

Ron at Work

Hi friends!

I’m getting ready to create a new book and webinar series about Internet Sales Funnels and I’d appreciate it if you would answer the following three questions.  It shouldn’t take more than a minute or so of your time and it would help me to decide what to include in my book and webinars.

Keep smiling,



P.S . If you’d like to be notified when the course is ready to be viewed, please enter your name and email below the Survey. If you don’t enter them, then you won’t receive any notification.



12 2010

Marketing Genius…

I just saw this video and was amazed as I watched how the advertiser made the connection between their product and mommies and daddies everywhere.  Marketing Genuis!  What do you think?


12 2010