e-Book Year End Price Blow-out

Hi Friends,

I really want to make sure you can not only back your Blogs, but also restore and even CLONE your blogs over the holidays.  It’s sooooo important that you do this or you may find yourself one morning with a hacked blog or an empty website where it once stood.

Anyway, I’ve reduced the price for the e-book by over 50% off of the retail book price of $14.95.

Today, you can my book for only $7 if you click this link –> “3 Surefire Ways To Back Up Your WordPress Blog“.  As soon as the first 50 books are sold, I’ll remove this special price, so don’t delay!

As a reward, I’ll also include some free WordPress Holiday Themes you can use to spruce up your site.

So what’s stopping you?  This would make a great Christmas present for anyone using WordPress for their blog.

That’s all!  Happy Holidays!!!!

Keep smiling, Ron

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