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Feel Young Again

This is a funny commercial I just saw.  Great Marketing…

[youtube] 435 355[/youtube]

Keep Smiling,



02 2011

New Years Day, 2011 — Time To Start Setting Goals

It’s New Years Day, 2011…
(Interesting… the Shortcut date would be 1-1-11)

Liz and I have been doing some goal setting for this new year.  Best thing to do is to write it down or… if you MUST use a computer, make sure to print it out so you can tape it to your monitor, frig, car steering wheel, front door, TV screen, etc… you get the idea.

One more thing… Make sure you outline some of your plans that you’ll use the achieve those goals.

Without plans and the action of even doing a tiny first step, things just don’t seem to change the way YOU want them to.

That’s it for you.  Hope you enjoyed the video.

Keep smiling and Happy New Year,



01 2011

Marketing Genius…

I just saw this video and was amazed as I watched how the advertiser made the connection between their product and mommies and daddies everywhere.  Marketing Genuis!  What do you think?


12 2010