Time to Start Talking About Money (and The Economy)

Hi Friends!
Well, as much as I’d like to promote my newest book, I’m realizing that I REALLY need to talk a bit about the economy and where it’s heading.

In my opinion, we’re heading in the wrong direction.

So, I’ve been searching for solutions that will help to keep us not only floating with our heads above water, but actually doing well as our currency, the US dollar, declines in value.  Have you noticed how EVERYTHING seems to be going up?  Even though the US Govt says that inflation is less than 2%?  Yeah, right!

Did you know they don’t count a bunch of stuff in that calculation?  like food, clothing, cars, houses, etc.????  I wonder what they DO include?

Anyway,  last week I came across a great video that really gets into what I’m talking about.  Please watch it!  –>  Watch Video

That’s all for now!  Liz and I decided to check it out and there’s sooooo much meat that we are glad we watched it.

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