e-Book Year End Price Blow-out

Hi Friends,

I really want to make sure you can not only back your Blogs, but also restore and even CLONE your blogs over the holidays.  It’s sooooo important that you do this or you may find yourself one morning with a hacked blog or an empty website where it once stood.

Anyway, I’ve reduced the price for the e-book by over 50% off of the retail book price of $14.95.

Today, you can my book for only $7 if you click this link –> “3 Surefire Ways To Back Up Your WordPress Blog“.  As soon as the first 50 books are sold, I’ll remove this special price, so don’t delay!

As a reward, I’ll also include some free WordPress Holiday Themes you can use to spruce up your site.

So what’s stopping you?  This would make a great Christmas present for anyone using WordPress for their blog.

That’s all!  Happy Holidays!!!!

Keep smiling, Ron


12 2010

15 Minute Overview Video!

Hi Friends,

Link to Money Info GroupI finally have a short (15 minute) video that shows what’s INSIDE the money information group Liz and I belong to.  If you want to get a glimpse of what we’re learning, click on this link –> WATCH VIDEO.

NOTE: THE 50% discount will be gone by midnight on Sunday Dec, 19th.  No exceptions.  When the product is for sale in Jan or so, it will be at full price.

By the way, it’s not an MLM or network marketing company!  That’s all for now.

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12 2010

Time to Start Talking About Money (and The Economy)

Hi Friends!
Well, as much as I’d like to promote my newest book, I’m realizing that I REALLY need to talk a bit about the economy and where it’s heading.

In my opinion, we’re heading in the wrong direction.

So, I’ve been searching for solutions that will help to keep us not only floating with our heads above water, but actually doing well as our currency, the US dollar, declines in value.  Have you noticed how EVERYTHING seems to be going up?  Even though the US Govt says that inflation is less than 2%?  Yeah, right!

Did you know they don’t count a bunch of stuff in that calculation?  like food, clothing, cars, houses, etc.????  I wonder what they DO include?

Anyway,  last week I came across a great video that really gets into what I’m talking about.  Please watch it!  –>  Watch Video

That’s all for now!  Liz and I decided to check it out and there’s sooooo much meat that we are glad we watched it.

Oh yeah, if you want to join my money talk list, please add your name and email address to the form on the right! —->

More later… Keep smiling,



12 2010

Offer extended for Prosperity Summit Attendees

Hi friends,

Well, I was playing around with my amazon store and somehow changed the retail price to $17.95, so with your $5 off coupon, it’s only $12.95. Anyway, I’ve decided to extend my $5 off coupon until Midnight PST on Monday the 6th of Dec.

The reason:  I wanted to give my fellow Prosperity Summit attendees and Paid To Play members a chance to get back from the crazy weekend summit and settle in before yanking the discount!

Amazing value from the summit, huh?  See you next time!

To get the discount, see the previous post and use the coupon code.

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12 2010

Special Discount to Updated Book

Cover photo for 3 Surefire Ways To Back Up Your WordPress BlogI just wanted to let my followers know that I’ve updated my book, “3 Surefire Ways To Back Up Your WordPress Blog” with new links, grammar fixes and other recommended changes.

It’s available now!  And, if you buy it within the next 48 hours, you can download the same book in pdf format with clickable links for only $3.

You know what? …  I’m feeling generous… How about I discount the book price by $5?

So, you’ll get both the printed book and a downloadable version for two bucks less than the normal price of the book!  (With the discount, the book will cost you $14.95)

Here’s how we’ll do this.

  1. Order the book using this link –>> Buy the book here.
  2. Use the temporary discount code of KPP9RAUD (only good for 48 hours)
  3. Go to my support page and provide your receipt order number
  4. I’ll send you a link to the downloadable version of the same book for only $3.
  5. Make sure to fill out the “Book Updates” form on the download page for free updates to the book!

NOTE: Sorry for the long checkout process.  I’m working on this.  Don’t worry, though, the $3 discount will appear on the final authorization page.

Here’s a link to the book again:

Buy 3 Surefire Ways to Back Up Your WordPress Blog”

That’s all for now!

Keep smiling,



12 2010

Kindle Version is Now Available for $9.97

Yipee! You can now buy and read my book, “3 Surefire Ways To Back Up Your WordPress Blog” on your Amazon Kindle!
Here’s a link to the book! Keep smiling, Ron


11 2010

3 Surefire Ways to Back Up Your WordPress Blog (Black and White)

3 Surefire Ways To Back Up Your WordPress Blog CoverI just created a way to get my paperback book at half the price of the color version.  Although the color version is really nice, I know that some are on a limited budget and would rather get the information in black and white than not at all!

So, the black and white version is available for only $9.95 by clicking the Order Now! button below.

For a LIMITED TIME, I’ll give you a link where you can buy and download the color version of the e-book (with Clickable links) for only $5 for  anyone who purchases the book.  Just go to my support site and include your order number from the seller and I’ll send you the link!

Click Here to Buy The Latest Version of the Book


11 2010

Amazon.com Now Sells “3 Surefire Ways to Back Up Your WordPress Blog”

I’m learning a lot!  I’ve now been able to publish my ebook as a paperback and it’s available on Amazon.com.  The Kindle version is coming soon!  (Just got to get the formatting kinks out!)


11 2010

New WordPress e-Book is Now Online!

3 Surefire Ways To Back Up Your WordPress Blog CoverWoohoo!  I just finished my first e-book and have created a brand new online sales and support system.

I’ve set the pricing very low for the first 100 copies and would love for you to let me know what you think.  I’m looking for any feedback that will make the entire experience easier and more helpful to my customers.

The title of the book is “3 Surefire Ways to Back Up Your WordPress Blog” and if you have a WordPress blog or are considering using one, you should read this book.  It might save your blog from disappearing one day.

<<<Click here to get to the sales page>>>

Thanks and get ready for lots more books!

Keep smiling,



11 2010

New Blog for RonWilder.com

Hi there!

Welcome to Ron Wilder’s Home Page on the Internet: RonWilder.com

This is Ron’s personal Blog

More coming later!

Keep smiling,



11 2010