What is Link Cloaking?

Here’s a good one to know about if you’re into affiliate marketing:
Did you know that unscrupulous individuals can steal your commissions if you don”t cloak your affiliate redirect links?
Do you even know what that means?
Let’s say you found a cool product and you’re trying to make some extra money by promoting it on your website or in your email.
So, you go to their website, grab your affiliate link and put it out there. Did you know that you can lose your commission if the purchaser substitutes his OWN affiliate link when he buys it?  It happens every day.
This inspired one company to create a program I personally use that can hide your affiliate link so the buyer can’t see it (or change it).
It’s not a big, long sales page.  In fact, the seller is a plain guy like you and me.  Check it out if you want to make more money.
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